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Love never wanted me.

True story.

Cory is a hottface.

Songs I would love to have presented to me in cd form:
Bright Eyes: Kathy With A K's Song
The Casualites: Punk Rock Love
The Used: Lunacy Fringe
Rancid: Who Would've Thought?
Fear Before the March of Flames: Go Wash Your Mouth Out, I Dont Know Where It's Been
Alkaline Trio: Clavicle
Emanuel: Make Tonight
Operation Ivy: Bombshell
From First To Last: Emily
Mustard Plug: School Boy
Hellogoodbye: Call N Return (Say That Youre Into Me)
Gym Class Heros: Cupid's Cokehold
NOFX: Falling In Love
Rise Against: Swing Life Away
The Postal Service: Such Great Heights
Finch: Stay With Me
Hawthorne Heights: Blue Burns Orange
The Narcoleptics x 5: Who Needs Beer When I'm With You?
The Aquabats: Red Sweater
Boxcar Racer: There Is
Bright Eyes: First Day of My Life
The Ataris: I Wont Spend Another Night Alone
Blink 182: I'm Lost Without You

Best Love Mix Ever?


Only because I came up with it.

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