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Cut&dyed my hair.

Looks fuckin' SWEET

A razorblade should never be put in my hands again though.

I kinda cut it took short.


It still looks awsome.


Paco, Dale&Kev might come see me on Monday!

That makes me happy times 398729857298372987598768471984.

I got my ticket for Warped Tour today.

And Bryan&I went on a long quest for Jones Soda.

It was worth it though.

I love Jones Soda.

My neck hurts.

I need the fatty to walk on my back too!

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I miss my Carley sooooo much.

::sad face::

Crazy canadian.


Oh and...

Kevin is a sweety.

I ♥ him.

We are stalking each other!

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Love is real.
It is not just in novels or the movies.
It is fact.
And it is standing here right in front of you.
So if you open your eyes,

Oh what a sweet discovery
There is hope, and there is joy, and there is acceptance
So now let all of the light that collects on your plants
Keep you warm, make you smile
And I will be there with this pen in my hand
To record all the while
You'll be laughing so loud
That the house would shake with sound
And everything will be as new as the day it was found
Love is real
It is not just in long distance commercials
Or something that you thought you felt back in high school
So I will turn black and white
Become that horoscope you're reading
It predicts something good is on its way
Oh, and then I will send you the world green and blue
In a box through the mail
You can open it up, hold it right in your hand
And be glad that it's there
And be glad that you're there
Now, you can feel all the knots in your stomach start to untie
And suddenly it's not so hard to say you're all right
Love is real
It is not just in poetry and stories
It is truth, and it will follow you
Everywhere you go from now on
So if you'd just cast off your doubt
Then your lips would answer for you
Oh my darling, when you smile, it is like a song
And I can hear it now
And I can hear it now
And I can hear it now
Yes, I can, I can, I can
I can hear it now
I can hear it now
Yeah, I can, I can, I can
I can hear it now
I can hear it now
I can hear it now
Yeah, I can, I can, I can
I can hear it now
I can hear it now
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Notes to self:

1.Dont stab yourself with pencils.

It hurts.

2.You dont sleep anymore.

Correct this problem soon.

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Fuck things.

Thats all I have to say.

Give me a straight answer you...


Dont leave me wondering.

And dont fuck with me either.
Because I will fuck you up.

My mouth tastes alotlike rubber bands...

This is upsetting.

Good Day.
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